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How To Make Skills Video

The video needs to be short about 2-4 minutes long. It needs to show off your best skills as a player.  It needs to include both fielding and hitting if you are a position player.  If you are a pitcher make sure you include all your pitches. You can film from an ipad or smartphone.  When filming defense make sure you zoom in as best you can showing your form. The hitting section should be filmed from the side and also from behind the hitter if possible.  


Here are some examples of skills you may want to include in your video:




Ground balls hit directly at me

Ground balls moving side to side

Forehand and backhand

Slow rollers

Picking balls at first base if you are a first baseman

Show off my arm strength




Fly balls right at me

Fly balls moving side to side

Fly balls moving back

Throw to bases

Scooping balls






Throwing to bases





Show all your pitches

Use a radar gun to show your speed to the camera if you have access to one

Fielding bunts

Fielding balls from the mound




Slapping- if you are a slapper

Bunts- if that is your skill

Home to first- if you are speedy

Power- show where the ball is landing

Make sure the camera shows your hitting mechanics

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