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  • At what age should I start the college softball recruiting process?
    It is never too early or too late to start the college softball recruiting process.
  • Why are coaches not responding to my introductory email?
    Depending on the level or division you are contacting there may be rules that do not allow coaches to respond to you because of your age. Coaches receive plenty of emails so they may be busy sorting through each one. Be patient and follow up, even if you have not heard from a coach, every few months.
  • How often should I follow up with coaches even if they have not responded to my emails?
    Send a new email every few months to let the coach know you are still interested in their program and school. If you are playing games or tournaments, make sure you are inviting the coach to come watch you play. Make sure you send them a schedule, and any updated information to your skills video or profile.
  • What level or division should I contact?
    Contact all levels and divisions because you never know what school may be a perfict fit for you. The more schools you contact, the better your chances are at landing at a university or college to continue playing softball.
  • When I email a coach should I send my profile and skills video?
    Yes always attach your profile and skills video to your email. Coaches need to evaluate you as a person and player so your profile and skills video will give them some important information about you.
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