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Myth 1-All I have to do is play travel ball and a coach will find me

Reality-Coaches need to know who you are in order to recruit you.  Softball coaches want to recruit players who are interested in their school and program.  Make sure you do your research and reach out to schools and programs that fit what you are looking for in an awesome college softball experience.  Coaches may want you to attend their camp or clinic so make sure you are contacting them with your updated profile and skills video.  Be proactive in the recruiting process and you will be more successful at finding a college or university to continue your softball career.


Myth 2- Everyone gets a full ride scholarship


Reality- It is very rare a player gets a full ride scholarship.  All levels and divisions have a limit on how many scholarships that the softball program has to give out.  For example an NCAA D1 school gets 12 full scholarships.  As you can see if they have 20 players on the roster everyone does not get a full ride scholarship.  Research and find other scholarships available to help you increase your chances and opportunities to get your school paid.   


Myth 3- Everyone is getting recruited and signing with NCAA D1 programs


Reality- Approximately 1% of all softball players play at the NCAA D1 level.  I would suggest contacting all levels and divisions because you never know where you might find that perfect fit school.  It is better to have too many options than not enough because you limited your search to only certain levels or divisions.  There are almost 1,700 softball programs so why not reach out to as many as you possibly can.


Myth 4- If I am talented that is all a coach is looking for


Reality- Coaches want players to be talented, great students, respectful, coachable, and have a positive attitude in both the good times and bad.

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