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Recruiting Rules At Each Level



September 1 of your Junior year, coaches can send electronic correspondence including emails, text messages, instant messages, direct messages, and send out recruiting materials. Coaches may call a recruit after this date.  


September 1 of junior year athletes may set up official and unofficial visits with a schools athletic department.


September 1 of junior year coaches can have off campus contact with athletes at their school or home.


In the players senior year college coaches can have off-campus communications with players and/or her parents no more than three times.

NCAA Division I Softball Recruiting Calendar




At any time players can receive materials about camps, NCAA info, and a softball questionnaire, 

June 15 after sophomore year coaches can start calling student-athletes.  Also at this time coaches can have off-campus contact with players and their parents and players can start taking official visits.

July 15 before your junior year coaches can send printed materials talking about recruiting.



After January 1 of your junior year you can take official visits.

After your sophomore year coaches can have off campus communication with you.

Coaches can have a phone conversation at any time.



Players in high school no matter what grade can receive, contact, and have phone conversations with college coaches.

Community College or Junior College

Players can contact and be contacted at any grade in high school including phone calls.

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